Set of gilded baroque furniture from the 17th century

Glass cabinet

This exceptional glass cabinet was part of the furniture of the Duke of Milan, in which there was a mirror resting over it that, as described below. We first reinforced the structure of the cabinet and then restored the sculpted figures by carving the lacking parts. The glass cabinet was painted with oil, gilded with gold leaf, and a patina was applied.


We had to restore this mirror by using the same techniques and materials as in the case of the aforementioned class cabinet. The owner of this furniture wanted to place them in different rooms; the mirror would be placed at the entrance of his mansion while the glass cabinet would be part of the main hall. However, this mirror was originally conceived to rest over the cabinet, therefore that the bottom part was straight, with no carvings, giving itself away to be placed over the cabinet. Therefore, we designed and constructed a new bottom part to make it look like a standing mirror.

Folding screen

The folding screen, also part of the furniture of the Duke of Milan, was completely disassembled when it arrived to our workshop. We had to redo the mortise and tenon which supported its structure. The finishing was similar to the one described for the cabinet and the mirror, consisting in applying oil paint, gold leaf and a patina. However in this case, the lower panels were upholstered with damasked silk fabric like it would have been done in its period.

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