Locksmithing & Keys

lockerskeys01bThe lock on the furniture is an essential element because it has a great functional value, besides its aesthetic value. In fact, the lock is also considered as a piece of art because it usually encloses complicated gears. We specialize in repairing the old locks in order to make them fully functional. This consists of fixing the locking system, repairing of the original key or the production of a new key when the original is lost. In the latter case, we design and make a key with the proper tooth system for not changing the original lock. Then, the head of the key is welded to the tooth system. We always try to suit the key to the furniture style to not disturb the harmony of their moldings. Finally, we can apply a patina to the new key to its complete integration into the piece of furniture. However, if the furniture would have lost its lock, we always try to use an antique lock or we could also make a new lock that would mimic the original. In the case of our reproductions, we have usually used restored or antique locks.

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