Furniture design & construction

tenonmortise02bIf we have a look to the history of the furniture, we will learn the diverse manufacturing systems that have been developed over the time. This shows us how the furniture was built in different periods. For instance, we currently know that the strengthening of furniture with wooden nails, without using any glue, was very characteristic in the Middle Ages. During the XVII century occurred an tenonmortise01bevolution of the construction system, so that the process of furniture production was the result of the collaboration of specialists in many different techniques. This system of furniture design and construction is based on the practical application of descriptive geometry, culminating in the development of well known techniques in the current cabinetmaking. For example, a template was commonly used to represent the whole curvature of a cabriole leg.
cabinetmaking05bWe rely on the cabinetmaking techniques that evolved during the past centuries in Europe for making our reproductions. Being a handcrafted work, we can offer you high versatility, including the choice of the form, the distribution of drawers and doors, the style, the wood used, etc. Thus, we follow to the guidelines of the different styles and we are also able to create fully customized and unique furniture. For making our furniture pieces, we assemble all the
components of the casing by using tenon and mortise and the drawers by using
dovetail joints. All the curved shapes of our furniture are entirely handmade by using gouges, chisels, files and planes. Finally, we still glue the pieces of the furniture with hot animal glue.


The hot animal glue

animalglue01bThe animal glue is obtained by the cooking of materials rich in collagen. It is consider reversible glue that allows the removal of pieces under certain conditions without degradation of the wood. However, it is very durable and stable in time. Therefore, the animal glue is a product difficult to prepare and use, but in the restoration and reproduction of furniture offers more advantages than the current glues.

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